Concours de harpe Lily Laskine 2014

Article 1

The 2014 Lily Laskine Harp Competition will take place in Paris from October 20 to October 27, 2014, as part of the “Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris”.

The “Concours internationaux de la Ville de Paris” are organised by the "Association pour la Création et la Diffusion Artistique" (ACDA).

Article 2

The Contest is open to harpists of all nationalities born after 20 October 1984. It also includes a Junior section open to candidates born after 20 October 1999.
Contestants are not allowed to compete in both categories.

The Competition Organisers alone are entitled to decide on the admission of contestants. 

Candidates will receive individual notifications by e-mail.

Article 3 – Application form

The applicants have to mail a full application to the organisers by no later than Monday, June 30th, 2014 by post (date on postmark), enclosing the following documents:

- application form (available on this website in January 2014), duly and legibly completed, dated and signed, including, among other things, the selected section.

- photocopy of identity card or passport, or other equivalent official document,

- CV in French or English (no more than two typed pages) detailing music schools attended, major teachers, prizes obtained and current professional status,

- two original references from recognized musicians, written for the purposes of this competition

- a recent colour photograph, minimum dimensions 3.5 x 4.5 cm, with mention of family name and first name at the back

- registration fee or proof of payment (article 4).

Curriculum vitae and photo will be sent preferably by email as well.

Given the hazards of postal mail, the applicant will send an email to mention the mailing date of his application.

Article 4 - Registration Fee

The administration fee is 60 € and must be sent at the same time as the application form and documents. This sum will be refundable only if the competition's Organisation does not accept a candidate's application. Contestants must send the sum in full – no extra costs are to be charged to the Organisers.

Payment methods, with mention of the applicant’s name:

- French cheque, made payable in Euros to ACDA

- international bank transfer in Euros RIB [full bank details]

- cheque from a foreign bank, drawn on a French bank, made payable in Euros to ACDA

Article 5 - Accommodation

The Competition Organisers can arrange accommodation in university halls of residence (single or twin rooms) or with a family, for contestants living outside Paris and its vicinity. Contestants must make the request on their registration form.

The Competition Organisers will offer several accomodation grants to contestants who will request it on their application form, after a careful examination of all received application files. These grants, equivalent to a daily allowance of 40€, will only be allowed to contestants who successfully went through the first round of the competition, for the period of time of the rounds in which they will have competed. They shall receive a daily allowance of 40 €.

Article 6 – Visa

Contestants requiring a visa to take part in the Competition are requested to organise this themselves. If a letter of invitation is required for visa purposes, competitors may request this from the Competition Organisers.

Article 7 - Programme

First round

1. Johann Sebastian Bach : Toccata en mi mineur BWV 914 (original edition)

2. A contemporary work among the following : 
- Gilbert Amy : En harmonies (Amphion editions)
- Benjamin Attahir : De l’obscurité II  (Lyon & &Healy publications)
- Luciano Berio : Sequenza II  (Universal editions)
- Harrison Birtwistle : Crowd (Boosey & Hawkes editions)
- Elliott Carter : Bariolage  (Boosey & Hawkes editions)
- Franco Donatoni : Marches (Ricordi editions)
- Heinz Holliger : Präludium et Arioso [from Präludium, Arioso und Passacaglia] (Schott editions)
- Betsy Jolas : Tranche (Heugel editions)
- Bruno Mantovani : Tocar (H. Lemoine editions)

3. An étude chosen from Wilhelm Posse : 8 études de concert (Zimmermann editions)

Attention : The total length of this round must not exceed 21 minutes.

Second round

1. New work composed for the Competition by Luca Antignani (about 8 minutes) - Creation Concours Lily Laskine 2014.
The score will be sent to contestants from June 30th, 2014, as soon as their full application file is received.

2. One of the following works :
- André Caplet : Deux divertissements (Durand editions)
- Jean Cras : Deux impromptus (Salabert editions)
- Philippe Gaubert : Légende (Salabert editions)
- Marcel Grandjany : Rhapsodie (A. Leduc editions)
- Paul Hindemith : Sonate (Schott editions)
- Henriette Renié : Pièce symphonique (A. Leduc editions)

3. Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz : Sonate dans le style pathétique, op.14 n°1 (original edition - urtext, without the repeat, published by Harposphère)

4. A free programme of published works for solo harp, except for works chosen for the previous round. The total duration of the second round must not exceed 40 minutes.

Final round

1. Ernö Dohnányi : Concertino pour harpe et orchestre de chambre (Lyra Music editions)

2. Nicolas-Charles Bochsa : Variations sur un thème de Mozart (Jobert editions), either :
- Mon cœur soupire (voi che Sapete) from Le Mariage de Figaro (without variation 4)
- Batti batti o bel masetto from Don Giovanni


First round (behind closed doors)

1. Marcel Tournier : Berçeuse russe (H. Lemoine editions)

2. A prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach chosen from The Well-Tempered Clavier (any edition)

Second round

1. Camille Saint Saëns : Fantaisie pour harpe seule, op. 95 (Durand editions - making the cut indicated p.12 – p.15)

2. A work by Alphonse Hasselmans, either :
- Gitana (Billaudot editions)
- Guitare (A. Leduc editions)
- Patrouille (Combre editions)

3. New piece composed for the competition by Ton Thât Tiêt (about six minutes).  Creation Concours Lily Laskine 2014.
The score will be sent to contestants from June 30th, 2014, as soon as their full application file is received.

Final round

1. Antonio Vivaldi : Lute concerto in D major RV93 (arrangement for solo harp, Billaudot editions)

2. One of the following works :
- Jan Ladislav/Sophia Giustina Dussek : Sonata in c minor, op. 2 n°3 (Schott editions)
- Jesús Guridi : Viejo zortzico (UME, Union Musical Ediciones)
For both sections, contestants may choose the order of works to be played.

Candidates wishing to change their order of repertoire must advise the Competition Organisers in writing by e-mail or by post not later than Friday, September 30th, 2014.

Candidates will have to play the whole programme by heart, except for the new piece.

Article 8 - Drawing of lots

A draw to determine the order of play is to take place on Sunday, October 19th. The Junior section’s draw is to take place on Wednesday, October 22nd. Contestants must attend the draw.

All rounds are open to the public, except for the first Junior round.

A second draw shall be held for the final round.

Article 9 – Harp

Contestants are allowed to play their own instrument or any other instrument, under their own responsibility and at their own expense.

Salvi will provide the contestants with harps during the competition.

Article 10 – Rounds

The first two rounds will take place in the Conservatoire national de région de Paris-CRR, 14 rue de Madrid 75008 Paris.

The final round will take place on Sunday, October 26th 2014 at the Théâtre de l'Athénée, with the participation of the Orchestre du Balcon.

The prize giving ceremony and a concert, at which certain of the prizewinners, selected by the Jury, will participate will be held at the Théâtre de l'Athénée, on Monday, October 27th 2014.

Article 11– Jury

Following each round including the final round, the Jury members shall meet and make their decisions according to modalities previously known by each member of the Jury. In the event of a tie, the Jury Chairman holds the casting vote.

The Jury reserves the right not to award every prize.

The Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris and the second Prize as well as the First Junior Prize cannot be shared.

The Jury may award special honours.

The Jury may only award prizes to contestants who have reached the second round.

The Jury’s decision is final.

Article 12 – Prizes

Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris - The Salvi House will offer a Minerva Concert-Grand Harp to the winner.

2nd Prize : 6000€, offered by Bow Brand

3rd Prize : 4000€, offered by Penny and Aldo Osti

4th Prize : 2000€, offered by l'Association des Amis de Lily Laskine

Special prize for the best interpretation of Luca Antiganni's new piece, offered by the FCM : 500€

First Junior Prize: a student harp offered by the Salvi House

2nd Junior Prize : 1500€ offered by Calpers Hotels

3rd Junior Prize : 500€ offered

Special prize for the best interpretation of Ton That Tiet's new piece, offered by the FCM : 500€

The Salvi foundation will invite the winner of the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris to play during the 2015 Cartagena International Music Festival. The laureate will also be allowed to attend the harp masterclass given during the event.

Yves Petit de Voize, artistic director of the Festival de Pâques and Août musical de Deauville, will invite in 2015 the laureate of his choice.

Article 13 – Broadcasting

Contestants waive the right to remuneration from any recording, radio or television broadcast of competition rounds and prize-winner concerts.

Article 14 - Rules

Participation in the competition implies contestants’ full acceptance of the Rules. In the event of a dispute, only the French language version of these Rules is binding.

Version française            English version

Downloads :

Competition rules 2014

Application form for senior candidates

Application form for junior candidates

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